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Moroccan serving table set teapot set ceramic

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This set brings the ambiance of Morocco to your table, featuring a captivating serving tagine, a charming serving plate, and a complete tea set.

Elevate your morning routine with the authentic charm of Morocco, where each item is more than just tableware; it's a celebration of culture and craftsmanship.

Product Details:

1. handpainted serving tagine: Dimensions - H 20 cm, W 20 cm

2. 2 Handmade water/ juice Glasses: Dimensions. H 9 cm, W 9 cm, D 9 cm

3. handpainted serving plate. H 25cm W 25cm

4. handmade tea put. H 15cm W 15cm

5. 3 tea cups ceramic handpainted. H 8cm W 8cm

total items 8 pieces


Regarding the handmade items, each item is unique. Keep in mind that this piece is handmade and handpainted and therefore may have imperfections or irregularities. Don't see this as a defect but rather as an addition to the beauty and originality of the item.